What is Vegan Monkey?

Hello and welcome to Vegan Monkey! We gather all vegan options in your town for everything from cruelty-free soaps to delicious pizzas and burgers, food walks, meal plans and much more.

Where can I browse the products?

Head over to our web app at: app.veganmonkey.co.

How can my business be visible on Vegan Monkey?

Register today and start adding your products to the Vegan Monkey platform! Register in a few quick steps here.

What does it cost for a business?

It's completely free to register and add your products to Vegan Monkey! Register today.

How can I be visible on the Vegan Monkey landing pages?

If you want to be visible on the SEO-supercharged landing pages for pizza, burgers, protein powder and other popular categories, make sure that your products and dishes have a lot of reviews and good ratings on Vegan Monkey!